Ross Island

Visiting Ross Island feels

Visiting Ross Island feels like discovering a jungle-clad Lost City, la Angkor Wat, where the ruins happen to be Victorian English rather than ancient Khmer.The former administrative

Neil Island

If you really want to slow down

If you really want to slow down, and are looking for peace, isolation and near-deserted beaches without being a castaway, Neil Island, 40km northeast of Port Blair,

Havelock Island

With one of the Andaman's most

With one of the Andaman's most dazzling beaches and plenty of cheap bamboo-hut accommodation, Havelock is the island of choice for travellers

Diglipur & Around

Diglipur, three hours by road north

Diglipur, three hours by road north of Mayabunder, is the main town of North Andaman and as far north as you can get in the island chain.

Game Fishing

Long inaccessible and simply unchartered, the Andaman Islands have untouched pristine reefs. The fish in these waters are said to die only of old age given that the local fishing here is far from excessive and commercial fishing in almost nonexistent. The Andamans are one of the last frontiers for true big game sport fishing.

Andaman Trips aims to provide you the best Game and Sport charter facilities in the Andamans. Salt water angling or game fishing is a sport that has seen huge success in these waters. Become a part of one of the most addictive sporting pastimes today.

The waters here are teeming with record sized game fish. By virtue of its position, the islands receive a continuous south/south west current which brings with it plenty of baitfish as well as Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Dogtooth, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Groupers, Great Barracuda and Snappers. Night fishing for Giant Grouper, Snappers, Swordfish and Shark too are possible with Andaman Trips.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice to the world of sport fishing, we can design and tailor make packages for you with Game and Sport fishing charters who are professional, practice the catch and release method and are well acquainted with the waters of the Andaman basin.

Allow Andaman Trips to guide you through your booking and assist you with-

  • Amazing shore based fishing packages both ex-Port Blair and ex-Havelock.
  • Shore based fishing packages with a choice of hotels so you can choose based on your requirements and budget
  • Exciting all inclusive packages for that hassle free experience.
  • For families, couples or less intense anglers we can offer great day/night cruise packages.
  • Fun outings with a perfect blend of fishing, snorkeling and relaxing. Complete with white sandy beaches, great fishing a picnic hamper and stunning coral reefs.
  • Options to include a romantic candlelit dinner on board to top up a fantastic trip and complete a wonderful day out at sea.

In the Andamans, you can pursue virtually every method of blue water fishing with guaranteed results. Troll for Marlin and other pelagic species off the 1000-2000 m drop-offs on the east and west coast. Pop for Giant Trevally, Yellowfin Tuna and Coral Trout or go jigging for world record size Dogtooth Tuna.

Angling in the Andaman Islands is nothing short of spectacular. These are the most fertile and untouched fishing grounds you can imagine. The Andaman's has been one the word's best-kept secrets given its remote location and inaccessibility making it the last undiscovered angling paradise. Come, discover it for yourself!