Ross Island

Visiting Ross Island feels

Visiting Ross Island feels like discovering a jungle-clad Lost City, la Angkor Wat, where the ruins happen to be Victorian English rather than ancient Khmer.The former administrative

Neil Island

If you really want to slow down

If you really want to slow down, and are looking for peace, isolation and near-deserted beaches without being a castaway, Neil Island, 40km northeast of Port Blair,

Havelock Island

With one of the Andaman's most

With one of the Andaman's most dazzling beaches and plenty of cheap bamboo-hut accommodation, Havelock is the island of choice for travellers

Diglipur & Around

Diglipur, three hours by road north

Diglipur, three hours by road north of Mayabunder, is the main town of North Andaman and as far north as you can get in the island chain.

Overnight Camping Trips

If it is adventure that drives you, if you are passionate about the wild and love the unexplored and if remote destinations and camping on uninhabited islands is your cup of tea, the Andamans can offer you all this and more.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands conjure up images of primeval rainforest teeming with rare fauna & flora, deserted beaches, coral reefs, mangrove creeks, and limestone caves. Virtually unexplored and unknown to the outside world, you can be among the first and privileged few to experience these 'invisible islands', so succinctly put by Jacques Cousteau in his 1990 film on the Andamans.

As part of Andaman Trips broader commitment to educate people to the rich yet fragile environment of the islands, we at Andaman Trips are delighted to offer a select few visitors, the opportunity to experience the wild and rugged beauty of these islands.

Experience specially designed minimal impact eco-tours with Andaman Trips.

  • These eco-tours offer you an opportunity to kayak around uninhabited islands and in dense mangrove creeks.
  • Trek across tracts of virgin tropical rainforest and snorkel in pristine coral reefs.
  • You are ably escorted and led by local islanders of the Karen tribals who make excellent nature guides and trackers. They will help you track endemic bird and reptile species and identify the rare flora of the islands. All meals are wood fire cooked with a limited yet tasty spread.
  • Spend the night in simple tents away from the chaos and away from your own comfort zone. There is something special about having a hot meal amidst the stunning virgin forests, beneath a blanket of stars listening the sound of the gentle waves
  • Visit the unexplored areas of Havelock Island as well as islands in Ritchie's Archipelago and beyond.
  • Experience half-day and full-day trips around Havelock Island.
  • Take longer trips to other islands including North Passage island and Baratang involving 1 or 2 nights of camping.
  • All tours are conducted in small groups, adopting environmentally sustainable camping or fishing practices, ensures minimal impact on rainforest, reefs and mangrove eco-systems, and strictly follows a policy of not establishing contact with indigenous tribes or entering any tribal reserves.