Ross Island

Visiting Ross Island feels

Visiting Ross Island feels like discovering a jungle-clad Lost City, la Angkor Wat, where the ruins happen to be Victorian English rather than ancient Khmer.The former administrative

Neil Island

If you really want to slow down

If you really want to slow down, and are looking for peace, isolation and near-deserted beaches without being a castaway, Neil Island, 40km northeast of Port Blair,

Havelock Island

With one of the Andaman's most

With one of the Andaman's most dazzling beaches and plenty of cheap bamboo-hut accommodation, Havelock is the island of choice for travellers

Diglipur & Around

Diglipur, three hours by road north

Diglipur, three hours by road north of Mayabunder, is the main town of North Andaman and as far north as you can get in the island chain.

Snorkeling Trips

Shimmering gates of colourful healthy coral and a mind boggling variety of marine life both large and small make the placid blue waters of the emerald isles ideal for the activity of snorkeling.

Easy to learn, snorkeling is an activity that will thrill you and leave you asking for more. It’s an unbelievable world simply waiting to be explored.

Never been snorkeling before? Here is your chance to try something new and exciting.

Andaman Trips your Andaman specialists can help you book-

  • Fantastic snorkeling excursions in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Islands like Red Skin and Jolly Buoy within the Marine Park offer beautiful snorkeling. It's a lovely day out on an uninhabited island amid the wonders of nature.
  • A memorable trip for a day to the special beaches of Wandoor. Spend a day on a stunning beach, explore the coral reefs here and have a whale a time.
  • Learn to snorkel programs or 'Discover Snorkeling' programs at Havelock for novice snorkelers. Learn the ropes and do it like the pros do! Able swimmers can learn the basics of free diving or skin diving as well as part of this program.
  • Breathtaking snorkeling packages to South Button (from Havelock Island). By far the best snorkeling site in the vicinity of Havelock, this trip is hugely popular and the sheer beauty of the coral and marine life here will blow you away.
  • Alluring half day trips to Elephant Beach and Lighthouse (from Havelock) to experience the thrills of easy snorkeling in Havelock.
  • Unbelievable snorkeling trip with Rajan who is the last of the ocean swimming elephants in the Andaman Islands. This once in a life time experience will leave you mesmerized and speechless. (Prior experience in snorkeling is a must for this activity)

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